Homemade Butterfinger Candy Bars


    Winter is coming…   We need to gain a few “ell” “bee” “ess” You know, to help keep us warm…build up our reserves So who cares   …break out a few ingredients and take 10 minutes out of your day, I promise it will be worth it I combined the BIG Cheez-It crackers & peanut butter [Read more >>]

For Halloween I want to be…


That’s a great question…the question I tossed around this weekend. And honestly, I didn’t come up with a clear conclusion. Instead?! I created cute, creepy, delicious little Halloween treats. So if I don’t win the costume contest, I will still be the most popular – just have to win ‘em over with the sweet treats. [Read more >>]

Miss CQ presents…Mini Painted Pumpkins

pump 1

Good morning to anyone listening out there – or rather, anyone “reading” out there. A little break from the recipe postings to bring you: PUMPKINS! Mini ones, 100 of them…all coming soon! A fun and easy craft for you and the kids (or just you!). Give them to friends, family, etc! Lumpy ones, ones with warts, [Read more >>]

Vanilla Mint Latte


Vanilla (candiquik), Mint (extract), steamed milk. Latte? Yes…technically speaking.