Espresso Cake Bites


  Warning, do not feed these to: small children. your dog. or yourself… if you are wishing to sleep soon.

LadyBug Cake Bites


These are cute as a bug’s ear! Wait, do bugs even have ears? Hardly. When you think of a bug’s ear, do you think “cute”? Again, hardly. Not sure what was going on when someone dreamed up that expression – but I totally dig it. It’s “cute”… Anywho, I made these bugs, let me re-phrase [Read more >>]

Grad-u-a-tion Treats!


Warm weather – F I N A L L Y. This warmness also means… Most colleges are out of school. Highschool is almost out. Basically, graduations are happening and then long hail summer!!! I’m really, really wishing I was freed from any and all responsibilities for a few months. Like many grads.  Just a few months. I could deal [Read more >>]

Margarita Cheesecake with Sea Salt


Things I’m digging: 1. Living my life like Julia Robert’s in “Eat, Pray, Love”. I’m totally down with gaining 10 lbs. in Italy, exploring the world, you know? 2. Weather warm enough to walk around in sandals. Bring on the heat! I promise I’ll never complain about being hot again, ever. 3. Reminiscing with my [Read more >>]

The Club.


I have all of these plum-filled visions in my mind. I’ve been googly eyed over so many recipes lateley! I’m tempted to make all of them. I just can’t decide what to make first. Where am I going with this? Well, my friends. Recently, I have asked a bunch of you to join the Club. I [Read more >>]

Cinco Ways to Celebrate the Month De Mayo


You may remember 2010′s CINCO WAYS TO CELEBRATE THE MONTH DE MAYO?  But probably not. I think the only person reading then was my mother. Ha.  But that’s beside the point. As of 2011, my blog has been up for just over a year!  woot-woot! I want to thank everyone (mom) who stops by for a few minutes in their [Read more >>]