Chocolate Party Mice


I could begin by telling you a story about our new friends living in the basement, but I’ll spare you.   These mice are not a brand new creation, but they are a classic. If you haven’t ever seen these – here they are! If you haven’t ever made these – do so. I promise, people [Read more >>]

Peppermint Oreo Lollipops


I was thinking about this the other day… Kids typically want all of their treats to themselves. When I was younger, I would have gladly ate all of my treats, candy, etc. to myself. And then parents come along and suggest sharing. Pshh. However, as adults the story slightly changes. I still want it all to [Read more >>]

Gobble, Gobble! Turkey Cake Pops!


  I didn’t mean to tease you all. Who would’ve thought these little Turkey Cake Pops would be so popular!!? Ok, ok, so as soon as I made them and looked at their googly little eyes, big beak and candy corn tail – I knew. They just have so much personality! Each one of them. [Read more >>]

Strawberry Shot Glasses


  Strawberry Shot Glasses – Yes, Please! I found these at this super cute blog, Sweet Tooth. Warning: be prepared to want to bake your heart out for the next week year after visiting her site. I seriously printed out 5 recipes and added them to my Recipes I Must Bake Real Soon queue. That [Read more >>]