Sesame Street Cake Pops


I would like to start things off with a little humor… Funny Cake Ball Incident HERE Can you guess what my favorite line in her story was!? Moving onward to more important things, like Sesame Street and cake pops. Bakerella originally created a really cute set of these characters for the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street… I took [Read more >>]

Behind the Scenes: 2000 Cake Balls!


You may remember back in March I had a huge cake ball project. HUGE, as in 2000+ cake balls! That’s roughly 55 regular sized cakes (9×13″ pans). Or about 12 full sheet cakes! Plus a whole lotta frosting. Not to mention about 66 POUNDS of CANDIQUIK! Holy moly. These cake bites fed the guests that attended the 2012 Taste of [Read more >>]

(Easy) White Chocolate Raspberry Petit Fours


Sometimes I have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long period of time. I’ll be writing a blog post and go to check who commented on my last status update, then I remember an email I need to respond to, then I just need to check the weather… you know how it [Read more >>]