Animal Cake Pops {Cows, Pigs, Bears, and Bumble Bees}

Cow Cake Pops - @CandiQuik

I made these a while back. I was clearly in a cake pop makin’ frenzy. Who’s your favorite? I think they are all adorable…I don’t know if I could pick just one. Ready for the best part though? With the exception of the bees, they all use the same basic ingredients! *cake balls *whole  peanuts (ears) *m&m’s (nose) (inspired [Read more >>]

Cookie Confetti Bars

Cookie Confetti Bars by Miss CandiQuik

Are you ready for this… I made you cookie bars. But I feel guilty. You might be disappointed in me… I used cookies from a tube. You know, those pre-made ones that are sold in your grocer’s refrigerated section that are made for lazy busy people. Like me or not, I did it. And then [Read more >>]

Olympic Party

Olympic Medal Cookies from Miss CandiQuik

I wasn’t sure the best way to do this… so here is a roundup of the ideas I have made for the 2012 Olympic Party!   Olympic Torch Cake Pops Ingredients: 1 packages (16oz) Vanilla CandiQuik Coating 1 box cake mix (your choice of flavor, plus ingredients for cake mix) 8 oz. cake frosting Orange (oil [Read more >>]

Cake Pop Pan VS. Handmade Cake Pops

Nordic Ware Cake Pop Pan

A little while back, I just had to purchase one of these… In high hopes that I would be able to make perfectly round cake pops in 30 minutes. Here is what I found… The steps above are made using the Nordic Ware cake pop pan. I used the fudgy cake recipe that was printed directly on the [Read more >>]

Throwback Thursday: Beach Party and Rocky Road Popcorn!

Beach Party Treats by CandiQuik

You get bonus points if you remember these treats from a while back. I’m sure it was back when no one even knew about Pinterest… Check out the original post on this beach party featuring: Crab Cookies, Giant Lobster Rice Krispy Treat, Sandal Cookies, and graham cracker beach towels! And the featured blogger!? The Errand of Angels [Read more >>]

The Easiest Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

chocolate dipped ice cream cones steps1-3

Waffle cone or sugar cone? I’ll admit, I’m not typically a waffle cone girl, the sugar cones are just way better. …until you bring chocolate into the picture. These are now totally edible. Sorry sugar cones, you have been replaced. And then when you add chopped pecans, *sigh*. I love ice cream and it deserves [Read more >>]