10 Back to School Recipes!

Rice Krispie Treats by Party Pinching

Whether you, your kids, or someone you know is in school, these treats are perfect! Most are simple and would make a perfect lunchbox snack. Are you allowed to bring treats to school anymore? Otherwise, after school snack it is. I was always hungry coming home from school. Not much has changed…   Chocolate Chalkboards. [Read more >>]

Chocolate Chalkboards

Chocolate Chalkboards

Apparently most of the country is back in school, so these treats might be a titch late. However, we’re still soaking up the hot summer rays here in MN. Ha. These would be a neat teacher appreciation gift, too. I cannot say who originally created this idea, but I found two versions. Check out Dollhouse Bake [Read more >>]

Coffee Creamer Cake Pops

image source: My Little Cupcake

Have I told you how much I love coffee? I keep a pitcher supply of this coffee in my fridge at all times during the summer months. I’m also usually one to experiment by buying those fancy creamers at the grocery store. Caramel Macchiato! White Chocolate Mocha! Irish Creme! Almond Joy! Italian Sweet Cream! York Peppermint [Read more >>]

Chocolate Coconut Almond Granola Bars

Easy Chocolate Almond Coconut Granola Bars

I truly dread saying this, but summer is winding down. (Insert sad face here) Advertisements for the State Fair are in full force. Target has an abundance of no. 2 pencils, 3 ring binders, and Justin Bieber folders. And has had them for several weeks now. Plus, according to a random friend on Facebook, kids are back in [Read more >>]