Turtle Cheesecake Shooters

(Easy/No Bake!) Turtle Cheesecake Dessert Shooters | Miss CandiQuik

Turtle Cheesecake = creamy, smooth, chocolatey, caramely goodness. Turtle Cheecake in a shot glass = see ‘turtle cheesecake’ + New Year’s party(!?) + a totally fun way to serve cheescake. It also meant, me, stocking up on shot glasses. The store clerk probably thought I was ready for a boozy night of fun. But in reality…she [Read more >>]

New Year’s Clock Cookies

New Year's Clock Cookies - Chocolate-Peppermint Creme Cookies! @candiquik

New Year’s Eve…a perfect time to indulge and eat these rich cookies filled with a peppermint buttercream frosting…dipped in chocolate. They are as good as they sound. Better, in fact. I’ve used this recipe on several occasions, and just altered the shapes of my cookies. I even had a stranger tell me she would buy my flowers and [Read more >>]

Snowmen Cookies

Snowmen Cookies - @candiquik

 It’s been a while since I’ve made these…and then I realized, even though you may have seen them before, I’ve never blogged about them. Plus, I’ve made a couple changes to the originals. It all started when I found (orange!) candy-coated sunflower seeds at Tj-Maxx/HomeGoods. Immediately I thought – noses, as carrots for snowmen! Just [Read more >>]

Marshmallow Bottles for a Baby Shower

Marshmallow Bottles - perfect for a baby shower! @candiquik

I was recently asked to participate in a virtual baby shower! Have you ever been to one? Well, not really, but participated? I love the idea…and today, this virtual shower is for Meaghan, aka The Decorated Cookie. She is mega-talented and even has a book, Sugarlicious. She was the original one who made THESE melting [Read more >>]

Pumpkin Dog Biscuits


Today I bring you a different kind of treat. It doesn’t involve cake, frosting, or even cookies. But it’s still decadent and finger paw-lickin’ good - depending on who you ask. I just couldn’t leave the canines out. I even had my own personal taste tester. Her name is Lola. She’s a teensy bit spoiled.   And [Read more >>]