Zesty White Puppy Chow & Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs - blog.candiquik.com

  So…a lot of football games have been on lately. Really “important” games. Of course neither the Broncos or the (ahem) Vikings are playing anymore. So then, naturally, I was rooting for San Francisco. Why?! Because I like California. And this is how I pick who to cheer for. Silly, I know. But now we’re down [Read more >>]

Grad-u-a-tion Treats!


Warm weather – F I N A L L Y. This warmness also means… Most colleges are out of school. Highschool is almost out. Basically, graduations are happening and then long hail summer!!! I’m really, really wishing I was freed from any and all responsibilities for a few months. Like many grads.  Just a few months. I could deal [Read more >>]

Candied Apples


[pinit] Remember these treats, say, at a local fair, festival, etc.!? Well here’s what I’ve created: a simple caramel apple, with a little flair. Simple, yet de-lic-ious. Let’s call them: Chocolate, Vanilla, Candied, Caramel CANDIQUIK Apples. Or just candied apples…   Below are just some of the many ingredients we could use to get creative. [Read more >>]