Toasted S’mores Bars

Toasted Marshmallow S'mores Bars from Miss CandiQuik

Did you know it’s National Marshmallow Toasting Day?!  It’s true. Officially. Check out this cute calendar for more fun excuses to eat treats holidays! What else happens when you are totally bored out of your mind? Besides bake and look at wacky calendars?! Are you ever so bored that you start pokin’ around a popular social networking site… [Read more >>]

Peach (OMG) Torte


 My stepmom, Esta, and I made this torte. Fact is, it’s pretty much a no-bake cheesekcake or cream pie (or whatever you wanna call it) with fresh Colorado peaches. I’m talkin about the juice-running-down-your-chin-n-forearm-when-you-bite-in, kind o’ peaches. You want to hear how yummy this is?! We brought this wonderful creation over to my grandparents house. My dad and grandparents [Read more >>]