Behind the Scenes: 2000 Cake Balls!


You may remember back in March I had a huge cake ball project. HUGE, as in 2000+ cake balls! That’s roughly 55 regular sized cakes (9×13″ pans). Or about 12 full sheet cakes! Plus a whole lotta frosting. Not to mention approximately 66 POUNDS of CANDIQUIK! Holy moly. These cake bites fed the guests that attended the 2012 Taste of [Read more >>]

Homemade Ooey Gooey Snickers Bars


I amaze myself, I really do. And not in a overly confident kind of amaze. I am seriously surprised that I pull off some of the treats I make. Like these adorable bunnies and lil’ chicks for example. Anyone that really knows me, knows that I am not always the most graceful person. I have been known to pour [Read more >>]

Basketball Cake Balls


Why do I do this to myself? I eat completely weird combinations of food that should not be seen together!!! I promise – I know how to cook, but I’m notoriously known for eating strange off-the-wall dinners. I’m busy. I’m not married yet. I do not have kids yet. I’m hungry. Therefore, it happens. Plus, I’m only harming myself [Read more >>]

Pot o’ Gold (at the end of the) Rainbow Cake Bites!


  A few things I’m loving right now: -My new Kitchen Aid mixer that I got for $130 off! -Meyer Lemons – if you haven’t, you need to -These! Something that I’m *quite frankly* not loving right now: Facebook changin’ things up. March 30th = new layout for facebook pages. Bah humbug. On another note: I’ve been so excited to show [Read more >>]

Slam Dunk Cookies


If someone told me 10 years ago “giving is better than receiving” I would have looked at them with one eyebrow raised and nodded in “agreement” while thinking to myself *this person is crazy and they obviously have no idea what they are talking about*. Receiving is WAY better than giving – pssh. However, I’ve [Read more >>]

Heart Munch


I’ve seen so many cute treats for Valentine’s Day – from cake pops to cookies, to elaborate cakes. But I needed something NOW. Something that I could whip up fast that will stay fresh for at least a couple days and something that will hold up when being shipped in mini flower pots. HUH?! Keep reading, it will all make [Read more >>]

Common Cake Pop Issues & Tutorial

Common Cake Pop Issues and Problems | The Best Cake Pop Tutorial | @candiquik

Have you made cake pops? Were they a complete disaster? Yeah, me too. Seriously. We’ve all burned the heck out of our chocolate, lost a cake ball off the stick, had our perfectly good cake pops crack 5 minutes later and begin leaking weird stuff out everywhere! It’s sooo frustrating! Don’t worry though, it gets better! [Read more >>]

My Best Recipes of 2011

If I were forced to choose my favorite recipes from 2011, at first I would tell you – no problemo, piece of cake. In fact, it’s not Some are just too cute not to be included some too delicious & others just hold a little place close to my heart So, allow me to compile all of the cuteness, [Read more >>]

Cranberry Orange Bliss Bars

Copycat Cranberry Orange Bliss Bars @candiquik

I am begging you to make these Cranberry Orange Bliss Bars. You’re simply missing out if you don’t. These were heavenly. Decadent. Outstanding. I stumbled across them on Recipe Girl’s blog… This is what happened after I read her post: I bee-lined it to Target for cream cheese and eggs. Don’t you hate when you have almost [Read more >>]

Strawberry Shot Glasses


  Strawberry Shot Glasses – Yes, Please! I found these at this super cute blog, Sweet Tooth. Warning: be prepared to want to bake your heart out for the next week year after visiting her site. I seriously printed out 5 recipes and added them to my Recipes I Must Bake Real Soon queue. That [Read more >>]