Black Bean Truffles

Healthy Black Bean Truffles - trust me, they're awesome! @candiquik

Do you like chocolate? If you’re here, the answer is probably yes. If not, you’re most likely lost. You may or may not have seen black beans popping up in dessert recipes such as brownies and truffles.  To be honest, I have always been curious and intrigued about black bean dessert recipes but never took the plunge. Until [Read more >>]

Apple Pie Caramel Apples


Have you ever been somewhere and suddenly get overwhelmed with hunger? Happens to me alll the time. Just ask anyone who knows me – I have the appetite of a truck driver. And yes, I work out specifically for dessert. Well anyways, as I’m sitting in the waiting area while getting my oil changed, after I’ve read [Read more >>]

Magic Rainbow Krispie Pops

Magic Rainbow Krispie Pops - a fun Fruity Pebble Krispy treat for kids (and you!) @candiquik

Road trips. I had this converation with a co-worker the other day. He asked me if I’m the type that a) Gets to wherever I’m going as fast as possible or b) If I take my sweet time. Well if you know me and my patience, you already know the answer. If you’re still wondering, it’s A. In [Read more >>]

Grape Poppers

Grape Poppers - recipe by @candiquik

Awkward moments. Life is filled with them. This seems especially true in my life. Maybe it’s me… It’s Thursday afternoon, I’m stuck in traffic. I tend to look at every car around me. I like to see what other people are doing/not doing. (I think it’s me.) Did I mention I’m a fairly nosy person? [Read more >>]

Mocha Marshmallow Pops

I have a confession. I tried a macaron for the first time, ever. I know, I know. What a terrible baker/dessert blogger I am! The worst part is that when I say I tried one – that’s exactly what I mean. Tried. I was not the baker. Have you ever tried a French macaron? I [Read more >>]

Peeping PEEPS

Peeping Peeps in Chocolate Eggs | Miss CandiQuik

Well hello there! What better way to eat a Peep than in a chocolate Easter egg? Two weeks ago I bought about five dozen peeps. Pink ones, purple ones, yellow ones, blue ones, limited edition ones(!)… all in attempt to making something fun and creative for the Peeps Hop Along Party. Something more than just [Read more >>]

Homemade *Shamrock* Marshmallows

homemade marshmallows step 4

So, it happens to be that it is cold outside. Surprise, surprise Minnesota. What does that have to do with anything? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I couldn’t find a dang candy thermometer in the kitchen to save my life. Nor did I really want to go out into the cold to buy a new one. (I’m officially talking [Read more >>]

Pumpkin Dog Biscuits


Today I bring you a different kind of treat. It doesn’t involve cake, frosting, or even cookies. But it’s still decadent and finger paw-lickin’ good - depending on who you ask. I just couldn’t leave the canines out. I even had my own personal taste tester. Her name is Lola. She’s a teensy bit spoiled.   And [Read more >>]

Perfect Peppermint Thumbprints

Perfect Peppermint Thumbprints

If you like mint and/or chocolate, this is it. If you like those little York peppermint patties, this is it. If you don’t like York peppermint patties (like me), this is still it. If you’re looking for an easy after dinner treat… you know it.   Perfect Peppermint Thumbprints   Print A simple version of [Read more >>]

Hidden Surprise Chocolate Easter Eggs


 Funny story about how THESE eggs came about. What’s also funny is how your brain thinks as a blogger/recipe developer… A commercial for Rice Krispies came on for these cute little rice krispy treats with little candies hidden inside. Right away I thought – chocolate easter eggs! Hollow ones to stuff candy, money, or whatever you want [Read more >>]