Behind the Scenes: 2000 Cake Balls!

You may remember back in March I had a huge cake ball project.

HUGE, as in 2000+ cake balls!

That’s roughly 55 regular sized cakes (9×13″ pans).

Or about 12 full sheet cakes! Plus a whole lotta frosting.

Not to mention approximately 66 POUNDS of CANDIQUIK! Holy moly.

These cake bites fed the guests that attended the 2012 Taste of the Timberwolves, a benefit dinner supporting the Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation.

A unique and great opportunity!

The pictures below will give you an inside peak at what “operation 2000 cake balls” looked like!

First things first, the tools:

I did not melt the CandiQuik in the crock pots (I used the microwave, then poured the coating in the pot) - these crock pots would take longer than desired, plus, if you leave the crock pot on too long it can scorch the coating. I simply kept it on the “warm” setting for about 10 minutes and then would turn it completely off (it WILL scorch the coating if it is left on too long). Toggling between these two settings worked great!

buckets upon buckets of cake balls.

I put the bowls of rolled cake balls in the fridge (for the ones that would be used soon) and freezer (for ones I would dip later). I then pulled the ones in the freezer out to defrost shortly before dipping…since they were cake balls (not pops), I was able to dip them while they were still very cold (without any cracking).

Please note: I did not keep these in the freezer for very long. Maybe 30 minutes, then I would pull them out and put them in line to get dipped.

we had “rollers” and “dippers”

two people shared a dipping pot.

I used a toothpick to dip the cake balls and pulled it out while the coating was still wet.

some cake balls got sprinkled, others were set aside to be piped.

yellow cake was coated in vanilla candiquik.

chocolate cake was coated in this blue candiquik (I dyed all of the coating in advance… 30+ pounds of it!)

once a sheet was full we transferred them to this rack. Completely finished cake balls (decorated, trimmed of any excess coating, & placed in mini muffin cups) were placed in these large boxes.

each box held about 180 cake balls.

We completed all of the cake bites in five days.

The blue cake bites were done in the first two days and the white cake bites took up the following two days.

Piping, trimming, & boxing were finished the last day.

If you have never made cake balls/pops, or have had issues (haven’t we all?!), I highly suggest you check out my cake pop tutorial HERE.

How many cake balls have you made for one occasion?!

Cake Pop Tutorial by Miss Candiquik


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