A Cup of Tea


When was the last time you attended a teatime?!

Imagine how glorious your day would be if you took 50 cake balls, cinnamon raisin toast, almond and chocolate biscotti, cookies and chocolate coated pretzels to 25 pre Gen X’ers for “teatime”.

We did a fair amount of giggling, reminiscing…

and a vast amount of eating and sipping on coffee and tea.

We all loved the cake balls. And I have the directions on how to make them embedded into my memory. ‘Cause yes, it was repeated, and repeated, and repeated. How many cake balls did I say there were?

I also printed off and handed out recipe cards, great idea. Although I thought it would have saved me a little breath. But hey, I’m not complaining.

It was truly a hoot.


little peek at some of the desserts and snacks that were consumed?

Cake Balls:

Vanilla and Chocolate coated pretzels:

Biscotti and “Snack Toast”:

And of course cookies , peanut butter ones – coated in chocolate Candiquik:

Along with the tea, cookies, and cake… I gained a few loyal supporters.

Meet Betty.

(oh…and in the background, did you notice Louise? She mentioned the last time she saw her face in a picture it was not pleasant – so she ducked)

Betty however was not as shy, I was informed that she models for various ads and would like CANDIQUIK to keep her in mind.

That’s Martha…we joked about eating cake and cookies for lunch, then we ate cake and cookies.


And Linda – she is a huge cinnamon snack toast lova…and demanded a picture with it. I think she is hoping for a lifetime supply of the stuff from the company.


At teatime, everything was pleasant. Everyone was so happy and lovely. I also can’t get over how much we ate.

And suddenly, this quote became very fitting:

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

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  1. G & E says

    Tea time sounded awesome! When can we come? We’ll look forward to it in a couple of weeks!!!!! We’re sure there is a market in California as well!

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