Animal Cake Pops {Cows, Pigs, Bears, and Bumble Bees}

Animal Cake Pops {Cows, Pigs, Bears, and Bumble Bees}

I made these a while back. I was clearly in a cake pop makin’ frenzy.

Who’s your favorite? I think they are all adorable…I don’t know if I could pick just one.

Ready for the best part though?

With the exception of the bees, they all use the same basic ingredients!

*cake balls

*whole  peanuts (ears)

*m&m’s (nose)

Animal Cake Pops {Cows, Pigs, Bears, and Bumble Bees}

(inspired by The Cake Poppery)

I’ve had a lot of requests for cow pops, now I know why – they’re just so stinkin’ cute. They’ve got to be spotted though.

I love the horns – but of course, they’re optional…

Here is the printable recipe and directions: Cow Cake Pops

Below are some in-process photos… pretty self explanatory.

I used a toothpick dipped into chocolate CandiQuik to add the spots and an edible marker for the eyes and nostrils.

If you’ve never made cake pops, read my cake pop tutorial first.

Animal Cake Pops {Cows, Pigs, Bears, and Bumble Bees}

Bear Cake Pops

Don’t you just want to cuddle with these? Those eyes are so soft and innocent.

These were the easiest to make, too.

Again: cake balls, peanuts (ears), an m&m (nose) and cake writing gel (eyes).

Animal Cake Pops {Cows, Pigs, Bears, and Bumble Bees}


 Bee Cake Pops

These bees (originally a Bakerella creation) are too cute for words.

The wings? I just dabbed a little vanilla candiquik on wax paper to form a small circular puddle; let dry; attach with more candiquik; ta-da!

Let me turn him around, you’ve got to see his little stinger. It’s simply a brown jimmie.

He just wouldn’t be complete without it…

Pig Cake Pops


You can add mouths to these too, but I didn’t like them quite as much.

There’s just something about the simplicity of the ones pictured above.

Any of these cake pops would be good for a themed party, a kid’s birthday, your birthday?!


Common Cake Pop Issues: Cake Pop Tutorial

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