Baby Cake Pops

Baby Cake Pops

Every once in a while there is a treat that never quite makes it on the blog.

I know, weird, huh!?

Usually because I don’t really care for them, they were a complete flop, or I make them way ahead of time and never get around to sharing.

I’m not quite sure why these never made it on here. But today, I’m sharing these Baby Cake Pops over at Pint Sized Baker’s Cake Pop Thursday. Be sure to check them out over there!

If you’ve never made cake pops – be sure to check out my cake pop tutorial. If you’ve made cake pops and they were a complete disaster, again be sure to check out the cake pop tutorial.

Now head over to Pint Sized Baker for the complete tutorial of these baby pops!

Happy Baking!

Common Cake Pop Issues and Problems | The Best Cake Pop Tutorial | @candiquik


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