Cake Pop Stands!

What do you use to hold your cake pops? Or any sort of ‘pop’ for that matter…

photo credit: KC Bakes

Are you using one of those green (couldn’t they make them white or colored?!) Styrofoam blocks that you picked up at your local craft store?

You know the one…they look like this:

I’m sure that worked great for a few batches. Then, after so many lollipop sticks being inserted again and again, you have eighty million holes in that poor block.

Or better yet, have you ever had the whole block tip over because you weren’t paying attention and distributing your cake pops evenly across the block? (Yeah…me neither, just wondering.)

And if you’re a blogger, you most likely take pictures of your cake pops…then you find yourself doing everything you can to NOT show that styrofoam piece in your pictures. Trust me, I’ve been there.

In the picture below, I did NOT have a stand yet…if you could scroll down a little in that picture, it would be obvious.

Even if you’re not a blogger and you just want to display your cake pops at a party – the Styrofoam block would kinda cramp your style…they’re just not pretty.

Well, KC Bakes sent me a stand a while back.

You may have seen me use it HERE …


I love it!

They are great. They come in multiple sizes, you can get any color/design you’d like and they won’t even tip over on you!

It even has these little feet to keep it from sliding around.

photo credit: KC Bakes


And then Kim personalizes it with her cute little stamp of the KC Bakes owl…

photo credit: KC Bakes

and she can customize them too, look at these!

photo credit: KC Bakes

photo credit: KC Bakes

Keep your eyes peeled, because I plan on doing a giveaway with one of these KC Bakes Stands soon.

But be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so you don’t miss it!

To visit Kim at KC Bakes and learn more about these stands, check her website out HERE!

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