Chocolate Dipped “Good Fortune” Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Good Fortune Cookies

I cannot believe that 2015 is this week. Seriously, I thought I was just celebrating 2014 last month — now you mean to tell me it’s already a new year?!

In years past (when I was younger and chipper and able to stay up late), I would wait until midnight and run outside banging pots and pans against each other while throwing glitter in the air. But now that I’m 24 going on 80, I’m less likely to be found making a ruckus outside and more likely to be found snuggled in bed by 8:30. Hey, I like my sleep, and the only kiss I’d be getting at midnight would be a sloppy one from my dog.

However, despite my shortened partying schedule I do like to celebrate every holiday with lots of pizzazz and New Year’s Eve is no exception! I love these cookies because they work with a multitude of themed parties: black-tie soirees, a mixed-metal theme, or even something more casual, like Chinese takeout and a Twilight Zone marathon, which is more my style.

These cookies are a breeze to whip up and make for such a beautiful, sparkly and special presentation. You could get totally Betty Crocker and make your own cookies and fortunes, but to make this a cinch, I used cookies from my favorite takeout restaurant — the grocery store also sells packages of cookies in the Asian Foods aisle.

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies
There’s no real recipe here — simply purchase your favorite fortune cookies, dip the pointed ends in melted CandiQuik (I used a mixture of Vanilla and Chocolate) and top with a variety of sparkly, festive sprinkles. For these, I used a mixture of pearlized silver and white jimmies, white pearl dragees, and gold crystal sugar. However, you could use any type of sprinkle, dragee or top as you’d like! These would look equally adorable with rainbow nonpareils, other colored crystal sugars, or even star sprinkles. You could also switch up the design by drizzling a mixture of Chocolate and Vanilla CandiQuik on top for a truly chocolate-dipped effect. The choice is yours, party animal!

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies2
But whatever you choose to do, I surely hope your New Year is filled with lots of good health, lotsa happiness, and of course, good fortune! (Cookies optional) :)

Happy New Year’s!!


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