Chocolate Easter Candies – 3 Ways

Chocolate Easter Candies

So Easter is less than a couple weeks away and as usual, it snuck up on me! If you want to make several easy treats, that literally anyone can make – you need to get one of these kits! For five bucks you get a silicone chocolate mold, 1 package of Chocolate Candiquik and recipe ideas.

I’ll start with my favorite…buttercream filled chocolates. You cannot go wrong. Homemade buttercream frosting + chocolate. Plus, these little bunnies and chicks are so tiny that they’re the perfect bite size treat. (I did find that the egg mold was too shallow, so I just used the bunnies and chicks to make these ones.)

 Buttercream Filled Easter Chocolates

Chocolate Easter Candies

For this cake, you don’t even really need a recipe. All I did was take a favorite coconut cake and line in with the Easter chocolates.

You can dress up practically any cake by lining up the little bunnies, eggs, and chicks on the bottom edge! You could even cheat and use a store bought cake and customize it for Easter, I won’t tell…

Chocolate Easter Candies

Coconut Cake with Easter Chocolates

This next one is fun and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already know how big a fan I am of coconut-anything!

Easter Coconut Macaroons


(You can find the Easter Candy Kit exclusively at Walmart stores on their Bake Center display)


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