Chocolate Turkey Cookies


So I was thinking. Yeah, I know. Stop with the blonde jokes.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Most of you are planning out your shopping list, if you haven’t already.

Me – not so much.

I’m dreading the day I have to host a full Thanksgiving.

Until then, I think I’ll keep my small living quarters.

I can however, deal with making all the cute treats everyone will be talking about!

One of them? Turkeys. Chocolate ones. Vanilla ones.

Who wants real turkey anyways? Chocolate turkeys are way better. Or ham…that works too.


1 package chocolate and/or vanilla CandiQuik

1 package (24) shortbread/sugar (round) cookies (bodies)

1 package candy corn (feathers and beaks)

small assorted candies (or cake writing icing) (eyes)

Large Marshmallows – optional (bodies)

Whole pecans – optional (feet)


1. Melt Candiquik according to package directions

2. Dip the top of each cookie in Candiquik and place on wax paper to dry.

3. Before Candiquik is completely set, arrange candy corn and small candies on cookie to form the turkey’s tail, beak, and eyes (see photos)

4. (Optional turkey #2) Dip marshmallow in Candiquik and place in the center of the cookie as the turkeys face and place beak and eyes on the marshmallow before completely dry.

5. (Optional turkey #3) Dip top of cookie in Candiquik and arrange candy corn to form the turkey’s tail feathers. Let dry. Dip marshmallow in Candiquik and attach to the round cookie – attach eyes and beak with assorted candies and candy corn.

*If using icing writer to draw on eyes, let the Candiquik dry completely and then carefully draw on the eyes.

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