For Halloween I want to be…

That’s a great question…the question I tossed around this weekend.

And honestly, I didn’t come up with a clear conclusion. Instead?!

I created cute, creepy, delicious little Halloween treats.

So if I don’t win the costume contest, I will still be the most popular – just have to win ‘em over with the sweet treats.

The CUTE: Itsy Bitsy Spider sandwiches – chocolate, peanut butter, I think you shall be convinced to make these-

Bob for the Delicious: any party is not complete without these candied apples – and maybe you can even bob for them….just an idea :)

These guys are pretty “cute” too

I could go on. And on. And on… but realistically, I’m just going to ask you to visit our Halloween site. Not only for recipes, but a complete party planning guide for your Halloween! Trust me…

Tell Me Something Sweet

  1. Sandy says

    Yumm, let’s see … I’ll take a spider and a skeleton. Oh, and how about one of those cute little ghosts, and … oh heck, just load me up with one of each, no, a bunch of each!

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