Miss CQ presents…Mini Painted Pumpkins

Good morning to anyone listening out there – or rather, anyone “reading” out there. A little break from the recipe postings to bring you:

PUMPKINS! Mini ones, 100 of them…all coming soon! A fun and easy craft for you and the kids (or just you!).¬†Give them to friends, family, etc!

Lumpy ones, ones with warts, angry ones, complacent ones, funky ones, sweet ones, lovey dovey ones, dorky ones, chipper ones, cooky ones, cranky ones, cantankerous ones, wacky ones, scary ones…

you get the point.

What! You want a sneak preview?!

Ok…twist my arm. First in our line-up I want you to meet Betsy:

“Well hello there boys! My name is Betsy…”


“Just call me Omar”:

This is Duey, ‘enuf said.

Ohhh Jack!

“Top o’ the morning to you! My name is Brennigan.”

Wow, ok. More later. Happy Friday everyone, talk soon.

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      Hmmm – Mary, there could be a few reasons – can you tell me exactly how you are melting it? And what you are dipping when this happened? Was this the first occurence? Whenever I’m using it to dip, I have to quickly dip whatever it is, and place onto wax paper (usually) to dry. If the product does start to get thick, I place it back in the microwave for an additional 10-15 seconds – however, you have to be careful not to scorch the product, otherwise it will “seize” up…

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