Reindeer Cookies (& Snow!)

Saturday morning  – when it really started to hit. Snownami 2010 in Minne.

I stayed in bed as long as possible – I knew when I looked out the window, one of two things was going to be true.

The weather man was going to be right.

Or wrong.

He was right.

16 freaking inches of SNOW. And counting.

I begin to wander around my kitchen, looking in the cupboards for something. Ok, anything at this point.

I find:

-expired eggs -  I’m thinking to myself- “they’ll still work, ohhh wait – expired by like 40 days…nevermind”

-granola. no milk. darnit.

-beef jerky. mmm.


Yep…I had the option of beef jerky and O.J. for breakfast.

I must run to the store. Let the adventures begin.

As I’m leaving the garage, I’m already beginning to think that this wasn’t my best idea. Too late, I’m already down my “slope” and the car is not going back up until the snow plows visit.

I call my friend – and let her know I’m coming over to make cookies and watch Christmas movies. Lots of cookies and lots of movies.

Luckily – I made it the 11 miles to her house and she had much more food than I, in preparing for Snownami 2010.

the result?!

Reindeer cookies –


  • 1 package (16 oz) Chocolate CANDIQUIK Coating
  • 24 Peanut Butter-filled Sandwich Cookies (Nutter Butter)
  • 1 Bag Large Pretzel Twists
  • Jelly Beans or M&M Candies
  • White Candies or Decorative Icing
  • Melt Chocolate CANDIQUIK according to directions on package.
  • Break pretzels into pieces to resemble antlers; set aside.
  • Dip Nutter Butter cookies in melted CANDIQUIK; let excess run off and place on wax paper to set.
  • When cookies are almost set, but not completely dry, press pretzels pieces onto cookies to create antlers.
  • Cut a jelly bean in half or use an m&m candy for the nose.
  • To create the eyes use a white piece of candy or white decorative icing (or for colored eyes, simply use m&m’s). Use a toothpick dipped in CANDIQUIK to create the pupil.

    Super cute! I’m thinking even Bakerella – (the blog goddess of cuteness) would agree!?

    Happy Holidays!

    Tell Me Something Sweet

    1. Duane says

      Great pictures of Minne-snow-da. In order for me to live here, I have to think about summer, which takes place here in the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August.

      • says

        Helen –

        Thanks for the comment! They do not need to be refrigerated…you could store them in an airtight container or ziploc bag and they would easily stay good for at least a couple weeks I’m guessing… Hope this helps!

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