Sunglass Cookies

Sunglass Cookies

These sunglasses are stylin’ if you ask me.

Who wouldn’t want to wear these!?

Sunglass Cookies

Top Gun, anyone?

I think the green ones are my favorite. (My hand was the most steady anyways.)

These were really simple to make though. And you only need two ingredients plus cake writing icing and sprinkles if you wish to decorate them as I did.

It’s hard to tell, but the yellow sunglasses have cute little tie-dye butterflies on them. Occasions like this are when my sprinkle hoarding collection comes in handy.

Sunglass Cookies

To dip the cookies, I’ve found that lowering them into the CandiQuik on a fork and using a spoon to pour the chocolate evenly over the cookie  works the best. This way the excess coating drips through the tines of the fork and you don’t end up with a giant blob of coating around the cookie once you set it on the wax paper.

Sunglass Cookies

Once the cookies are completely dry, I used cake writing icing to pipe on the lines of the sunglasses. Then press two cute sprinkles on near the edges.

Easy as that.

Sunglass Cookies
Prep time
Total time
Cute sunglass cookies for Summer!
Serves: 12
  • 1 (16 oz) package Chocolate CANDIQUIK Coating
  • 12 Nutter Butter® Cookies
  • Cake writing icing
  • Assorted sprinkles
  1. Melt Chocolate CANDIQUIK in tray according to package directions.
  2. Dip cookies in the melted coating and place on wax paper to dry.
  3. Once completely dry, use cake writing icing to pipe outline the shape of sunglasses.
  4. Press two sprinkles onto the corners of the sunglasses.

Nutter Butter is a Registered Trademark of Nabisco.

P.s. if you like Nutter Butters, you have to check out my post, ‘40 Sweet Treats Made with Nutter Butter Cookies’!


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      • Brenda says

        Saw these on Pinterest & had to comment on how cute they are!! I’ve made nutter butter ghosts & snowmen, but would’ve never thought of bats! How creative!! Thanks for sharing! Pinning & will definitely be making these in the future! ) Peeking around your blog & it’s FULL of fun stuff & awesome inspiration! Excited to have found ya this morning!!Your newest follower ,Brenda @


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