The Club.

I have all of these plum-filled visions in my mind.
I’ve been googly eyed over so many recipes lateley! I’m tempted to make all of them.
I just can’t decide what to make first.
Where am I going with this?
Well, my friends. Recently, I have asked a bunch of you to join the Club.
I want you to do the tempting. Fulfull these plum visions of mine.
How, you ask?
With the  “Make Our Ad” Recipe Contest.  
Here’s how it goes:
Whip up your rad recipe.
(Yes, I just said rad)
Brag about it, take a picture of it, send it to me.
1 click here.  2 sign up. 3 get the deets via email.
And maybe, just maybe, you could win some pretty fab-u things…
*cough* free candiquik for a year *cough*
*aaand, the winning recipe – and its submitter’s name! – will be featured in an upcoming fall National CANDIQUIK ad!*
So, I’m basically trying to tell ask you to JOIN.
If I can’t convince you, it’s alright. Really.
I’m flexible about all of this, and even have a backup plan in case no one ends up wanting to participate. ;)
Talk soon!



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