Reindeer Macarons

Reindeer Macarons @candiquik

I’ve officially done it. Succesfully. French macarons, people. I have to admit, I was a little frightened that I would screw up something when making macarons for the first time. And I’m not talking about the coconut confection that you may be thinking of. After I read a few tutorials online it seemed like there [Read more >>]

Harvest Corn Nutter Butters

Harvest Corn Nutter Butters by @candiquik

Cookies are in high competition around here lately. Yesterday we had sugar cookies, Halloween decorated cookies, lemon cookies, lemon cookies with cherry chips, pumpkin cookies, AND these Harvest Corn Cookies in the lunchroom at work. Decisions, decisions. How’s a girl supposed to resist ALL of that?! Impossible. These by far were the cutest of them [Read more >>]

Rolo Stuffed Ritzwiches

Rolo Stuffed Ritzwiches - @candiquik

These candies are quite simple. I followed THIS Rolo Stuffed Ritz Cracker idea from Ashton at Something Swanky and then took it to the next level by dipping them in chocolate. Let’s call them Ritzwiches. I really needed these this weekend after running in the Spooky Tails 5k; a local Twin Cities 5k hosted by Wags [Read more >>]

Gluten Free Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites

Gluten Free Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites | @candiquik

You are going to love these Gluten Free Chickpea (aka Garbanzo beans) Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles. They taste like a very mild peanut butter truffle, healthified. You will NOT find any flour or butter used in these bites. You will find protein, zinc, and folate from the chickpeas. Yeah, you’re welcome. Now before you [Read more >>]

Homemade Payday Candy Bars

Homemade Payday Candy Bars - @candiquik

Some of you may recognize these from a while back when Hayley and I put together this Copycat Candy Bar post (which you should really check out). But looking back, I never dedicated these bars their own post, which they definitely deserve. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a fan of Payday [Read more >>]

Peanut Butter Puppy Truffles

Peanut Butter Pups @candiquik

These Peanut Butter Puppy Truffles are not only adorable but completely edible. I used this awesome peanut butter ball recipe to make them. Then I decorated their faces using a toothpick and candy coating. And the ears? Sliced almonds. Here’s a neked photo of them: I was inspired to make these from a post Meghan [Read more >>]

Apple Pie Caramel Apples


Have you ever been somewhere and suddenly get overwhelmed with hunger? Happens to me alll the time. Just ask anyone who knows me – I have the appetite of a truck driver. And yes, I work out specifically for dessert. Well anyways, as I’m sitting in the waiting area while getting my oil changed, after I’ve read [Read more >>]

Key Lime Cake Pops


These Key Lime Cake Pops go down in my book as my favorite cake pop flavor ever. Plenty of lime flavor packed into these pops! Key kime cake, key lime Frosting AND lime spiked CandiQuik Coating. Seriously. Cannot stop eating these. My kitchen smells like a tropical lime wonderland. My hands (thanks to spilling this [Read more >>]

Magic Rainbow Krispie Pops

Magic Rainbow Krispie Pops - a fun Fruity Pebble Krispy treat for kids (and you!) @candiquik

Road trips. I had this converation with a co-worker the other day. He asked me if I’m the type that a) Gets to wherever I’m going as fast as possible or b) If I take my sweet time. Well if you know me and my patience, you already know the answer. If you’re still wondering, it’s A. In [Read more >>]

Chocolate BaNilla Wafer Bites


Things I accomplished this past Saturday: three naps, eating an unruly amount of these treats, and 20 sit-ups. The 20 sit-ups were out of pure guilt for my previous lack of accomplishments. Between the road trip, being awake at approximately 5 a.m. (or earlier) for the past eight days, and going back to work eight hours after returning [Read more >>]