Chocolate Chip Cookie Lollipops

Chocolate Chip Cookie Lollipops! @candiquik

When it comes to desserts, I have my staples. One of them being chocolate chip cookies. Probably because not much beats a warm homemade chocolate chip cookie in my book. They’re quick and simple to make, they melt in your mouth and there’s just something sooo comforting about gooey chocolate chips, buttah, and sugar…

So naturally, after I saw this pin on Pinterest I knew I had to make these. Chocolate chip cookies…kind of. Cookie pops posing as chocolate chip cookies.

Aren’t they adorable?! I can’t get enough of these.

They’re technically still cookies, just not chocolate chip cookies. Wait, nevermind. They do have chocolate chips so forget I just said that. Either way, they’re just plain cute.

I think I need to throw myself a ‘milk and cookies’ party now.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Lollipops! @candiquik

So what’s actually inside these cookie pops? You can probably figure that one out pretty quick. (hint, hint… they’re Oreos)

The coating is the best part…I’m sharing the tutorial for these over at Easy Canvas Prints – check it out!


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