Easy S’more Pops – 2 Ways

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

Are you ready for the easiest treat ever!?

No oven, no thinking, nada.

Your two year old and you could knock these out.

And I have two versions for you!

Pretzels or lollipop sticks.  Which one do you prefer? I’m a lollipop girl myself, but there’s definitely a benefit to the pretzels: the whole dang thing is edible.

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

While there isn’t really a recipe, I’ll just show you photos of the self-explanatory steps…

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

This photo would have included pretzel rods (broken in half), but I told you I prefer the lollipop sticks…that’s why they aren’t there.

or maybe I forgot them.

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

printable PDF:  S’more Pop Tags
(or click on the jpeg below & print)

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways FREE Printable

(also listed on the free printables page)

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

If you’re looking for other awesome s’more recipes, Celebrations.com has a great round-up!

Easy S'more Pops - 2 Ways

Happy non-baking!

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        • Miss CandiQuik says

          Hi Michelle! Since the CandiQuik is only coating the lower half of the marshmallow, I’ve coated two bags of marshmallows and still had leftover CandiQuik! If you find yourself with extra CandiQuik you can just let it set up in the tray and store it in a Ziploc bag in your cupboard. When you want to make more treats (mallows or something else) just take it out of the bag, and microwave like before. Just make sure you decrease your initial microwave time because the tray will be less full this time :)

    • says

      Hi Amanda, as long as you store them in an airtight container, you should be able to store them for a few days. I just worry about the marshmallows getting stale and hard. Here’s another option: completely cover the marshmallow in the candy coating (acts as a seal) and they should last longer! Cute idea for your wedding!


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