Dessert Coneucopias

Did any of you guys ever watch Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee when it was on the Food Network?

I was weirdly obsessed with Sandra Lee’s show. One, because her recipes were great — I love that semi-homemade approach to cooking. And two, because her tablescapes were always so stunning. But I had to wonder: WHERE did she store all that stuff?

I mean, yes, I know it was a TV set, but realistically if I were to go out and get a bunch of random dishes, table settings, runners and assorted knick-knacks for the perfect themed table, I would need an entire bedroom to store my assortment of tablewares. My home would look like HomeGoods but scarier since I would always be reminded of how much I spent on this crazy themed tables.

(And hey, maybe that was why Sandra always had cocktail time — to forget how much money she spent on miniature tea-sets that she used for place cards or on all of those fancy hand-beaded table runners and place mats. I don’t blame her!)

BUT, if you’re looking for a cheap, fun, impressive and edible (!!) Thanksgiving tablescape idea, look no further! Sandra’s got nothing on these Dessert “Cone-ucopias” I made :)

These “Cone-ucopias” are inspired by cornucopias, which are popular centerpiece items during Thanksgiving. Instead of a giant cornucopia with fake fruit stuffed inside, why not have dessert cornucopias filled with candy, nuts and dried fruit? Way more fun and delicious in my opinion!

Consider wrapping each “cone-ucopia” with pretty ribbon, burlap or raffia and attach a placecard to each one as an easy and impressive seating arrangement on everyone’s plate. Or you could bring them out during the game as a little pre-dinner munchie. You could also wrap them up with cellophane and gift them as parting gifts for your guests. Either way, they couldn’t be cuter or simpler to make and will definitely make an impression… no extra bedroom filled with housewares necessary!

Dessert Coneucopias

Dessert "Cone-ucopias" have a fun and impressive twist on traditional holiday cornucopias. Fill with nuts, fruit, or candy as a great table setting or gift for your guests!
Recipe type: Treats
  • Waffle cones
  • Toffee bits
  • Chocolate CandiQuik
  • Assorted dried fruits (yogurt covered raisins, cranberries, raisins, apple chips, etc)
  • Assorted nuts (candied, dry-roasted, raw... almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews)
  • Assorted candies (fall-colored Sixlets, M&M's, Reese's Pieces)
  • Assorted other snacks (mini Oreo cookies, Teddy Grahams, etc)
  1. First, make your cone-ucopias! Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil and set the waffle cones on it. Melt your CandiQuik according to package directions, or until smooth & melted.
  2. Dip the opening of the cones into the CandiQuik, allowing excess chocolate to drip off. Dredge the cones into the toffee bits (place the toffee bits in a shallow bowl or plate) and return the cones carefully to the prepared baking sheet. Allow the chocolate to harden.
  3. Once the cones are dry, fill them with an assortment of fruits, snacks, nuts, candies, crackers, or whatever else you desire! Serve!
  4. If you're going to wrap these up with bows, I suggest wrapping them with the ribbons, bows or place cards prior to filling the cones.

*As you may have noticed, this recipe doesn’t have specific measurements which allows you to decide how many or how little you’d like to make! Yay for easy holiday desserts!*



Tell Me Something Sweet

  1. Nadia Raafat says

    Thank you for a great idea. I will repay you with sharing with you how I used my Sugar Cone for Christmas.
    I painted the cones with red Candy melts. I decorated the bottom of cone with mini Marshmallows, and the point of the cone with a large marshmallow with a slit in the center. then I attached guest name in the slit. (Santa`s Hat)


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