Gluten Free Chocolate Cake (Flourless Chocolate Cake)

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Delicious, decadent, flourless chocolate cake! I decided to make this recipe because May is Celiac Awareness month! I’m sure we have all encountered a friend, family member, or even know personally about a gluten intolerance. For those who are not sure exactly what Celiac disease is, I will go into a bit of detail. Celiac [Read more >>]

“Cinco” ways to celebrate the month “de Mayo”


Remembering the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with festivities, music, and food! Below are “cinco” recipes that are fun, easy, and I think you will enjoy making! !Express tu amor! Chocolate Fruit Tacos This creation of a dessert taco is delicious and [Read more >>]

Bourbon Desserts!

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Horse racing. Big Hats. Bourbon based desserts. Sums up this weekend! Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie There’s one dessert that is a must-have at a Kentucky Derby viewing party – one that has been served for over 50 years at the Kentucky Derby, and that is the Derby Pie! Ingredients 1/2 cup butter, melted 3/4 cup [Read more >>]

3 Ways to “Wow” Mom this Mother’s Day


Chocolate Covered Strawberries 1 package chocolate CANDIQUIK® 1 package vanilla CANDIQUIK® Strawberries Optional: assorted nuts, sprinkles, etc. These are always fun and easy to make, create your own designs to personalize something special for mom this Mother’s Day.   Chocolate Fruit Cups! Mmm! All you need is: 1 package (16 oz) Vanilla or Chocolate CANDIQUIK® [Read more >>]

Eye Candi (Chocolate Bowls)


This happens to be a fairly odd list of ingredients. Ok, fairly odd may be an understatement. You will need: Balloons, CANDIQUIK, Cups/mugs, a needle or pin (aka something sharp) …hmm!? Can you guess what I am going to make with these ingredients?

Summer is approaching – any weddings!? Tuxedo Strawberries


  How to make:  Tuxedo Strawberries You will need: 1 package (16 oz) Vanilla CANDIQUIK® Candy Coating 1 package (16 oz) Chocolate CANDIQUIK Candy Coating 1 package fresh strawberries Wash strawberries and pat completely dry. Melt vanilla CANDIQUIK® Candy Coating in Melt and Make Microwaveable Tray according to directions on package. Dip each strawberry in [Read more >>]