Pinocchio Cake Pops!

Isn’t he just so dang cute?! I love his facial expressions.

Do young kids even know who Pinocchio is? I sure hope so, otherwise this is going to be a total fail.

These would be adorable to have at a birthday party. In fact, I’m going to make sure my kids see every classic Disney movie. Have to keep them educated, you know (partially joking)?!

My poor kids. Speaking of kids, or lack thereof, I’ve updated my “about me” page. Check it out if you’re as nosy as I am.

My inspiration for these pops came from a pencil sharpener. Yes, a pencil sharpener. The pencil becomes Pinocchio’s nose while the sharpener is his head. Totally not as cute as these cake pops.

If you’ve never made cake balls/pops/truffles/etc…visit this recipe and tutorial.

I used peanut butter cake (from this recipe) and dipped the little Pinnochio’s in Vanilla CandiQuik mixed with a little peanut butter. This mixture produces a really nice light skin colored candy coating.

Gather these ingredients and you will be ready to roll:

Peanut Butter Cake Pop Recipe

2 (16 oz) packages Vanilla CandiQuik + 8 oz Vanilla CandiQuik (for piping)

Lollipop sticks

Americolor Gourmet writer (blue and black)

Black (oil based) food coloring

Gum drops (yellow)

Yellow cake writing icing

Blue cake writing icing

White cake writing icing

Piping bag (or plastic bag)

Twizzler Pull n’ Peels


Begin by following the peanut butter cake pop recipe above (without the jam filling). Roll into cake balls.

Melt both packages of CandiQuik according to the package directions. Stir 1 1/2 tablespoons of peanut butter into each tray of CandiQuik. Pour coating into a deep, microwaveable bowl.

Insert the lollipop stick approximately 3/4 of the way into each cake ball at a slight upward angle.

Quickly dip each cake pop in the bowl of CandiQuik, allowing the excess coating to drip off; set on wax paper and position so the lollipop stick is pointing straight out, parallel to the table or surface you are working on (while still wet, you can drag the cake pop across the wax paper if too much coating “pools” around the base).

While the coating is still wet, attach a gum drop to the top of the cake pop (slightly leaning off to one side).


Using the yellow cake writing icing, pipe a rim around the base of the gum drop.

Melt  the additional 8 oz. of Vanilla CandiQuik and stir in black oil-based food coloring. Pour into a piping bag (or plastic ziploc freezer bag w/ a tiny corner snipped off) and pipe on the “hair” for Pinocchio.

Using your edible marker, draw a raised eyebrow (directly under his hair part) and use a dab of Vanilla CandiQuik (with a toothpick), or white cake writing icing, to draw on eyes.

Use a blue edible marker to draw on the iris of his eye.

Use your black edible marker to draw the mouth and pupil.

Cut the Twizzler candy into short strips. Use a dab of candy coating to attach to the hat.

Finally, pipe a blue line of writing icing around the middle of the hat.



Happy Baking!


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