Red, White & Blue Party Sprinkle Cups

Red, White & Blue Party Sprinkle Cups -

I loved this simple idea from the moment I saw it on Tonia’s blog, The Gunny Sack.Who doesn’t want to drink out of a cup that is rimmed with sprinkles!?

They couldn’t be more simple! If you’re looking for a cute idea for a party – this is it. I am now tempted to make them for practically every holiday/party. Tonia made hers for a Princess Birthday Party and they were downright adorable with the hot pink sprinkles on the rim.

The good part about these cups versus plain ‘ole sugar rimmed cups is that this rim isn’t going anywhere! The sugar decor sprinkles are sticking to the candy coating.

Red, White & Blue Party Sprinkle Cups -

The ice/drink should keep the cup cool enough so that the rim doesn’t melt.

Directions: Melt Vanilla CandiQuik coating, dip the rim of your cup in the coating and then dip in sprinkles; let dry.

tip: pour your sprinkles into a bowl – this will make it much easier to coat the entire rim of the cup.

I then stuck cute, striped straws in the drinks to add even a little more red/white color.

Red, White & Blue Party Sprinkle Cups -

I filled these with punch, but you could use any drink you want! For the adults, you could even fill them with adult beverages ;).

Red, White & Blue Party Sprinkle Cups -




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