Shark Fin Cupcake Toppers

Easy Shark Fin Cupcake Toppers

In case you weren’t already aware… it’s Shark Week! This is the one week of the year where we adults are given the opportunity to collectively and unapologetically nerd out over these awesome fish. Be honest, how many hours of shark-themed shows and movies will you be watching this week? Making cupcakes with these cupcake toppers is a perfect excuse to keep Shark Week going when you’re not busy watching Ninja Sharks and Sharksanity 2. Yes, those are real shows and yes, I will be watching them.

West Side Story Sharks

No, not these sharks.

These toppers are super easy to make and they take regular cupcakes to the next level in just a few minutes. I mean, cupcakes are fantastic no matter what, but how fun do these ones look??

This shark fin template will help you trace the shape, just print it out and place it under wax paper! Make sure you’re using the smallest tip you have for your pastry bag or cut the tiniest corner off your plastic bag. You can always cut off a little more if you need to. Also, I found that a toothpick came in handy to help carve out the notches before the CandiQuik is completely set.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to confine your shark cupcake skills to just Shark Week. Think kids birthday parties, summer vacation, Tuesdays… you get the idea.

Shark Fin Cupcake Toppers
Prep time
Total time
  • 1 (16 oz) package Vanilla CANDIQUIK
  • Piping bag with fine tip or large food storage bag (such as a quart-sized Ziploc)
  • Black powdered or oil-based food coloring
  • Wax paper
  • Shark fin template
  1. Melt Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating in tray according to package directions.
  2. Add powdered or oil-based food coloring until desired color is reached (I used only 5 drops of oil-based)
  3. Pour melted CANDIQUIK into a piping bag or a plastic bag with a tiny hole snipped off of one corner (a quart-sized freezer bag works best).
  4. Place a large piece of wax paper on a flat surface and place your printout of shapes underneath.
  5. Begin tracing the shapes with the CANDIQUIK; outline first and fill in after.
  6. Allow to set completely. Once set; peel shapes away from wax paper and press lightly on top of cupcakes

Easy Shark Fin Cupcake Toppers


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