Soccer Cake Balls

Soccer Cake Balls -

Things I learned this week that I should’ve already known after my twenty-something years of life:

  • Do not go running with someone that plays soccer on a team. Or better yet, anyone that plays soccer regularly.
  • They can run, I…well, jog. Or you might even call it walking-incredibly-fast-where-you-kinda-have-to-jog, so you don’t trip. Then I’m doing this awkward half run/half trot and it’s just weird.
  • Lastly, do not go running with someone who averages like 25 MPH (when you run jog 5.1 m.p.h.)


  • Ohh, last tip (promise): wait longer than 5 minutes to go running after you eat these…

Thinking back on it -

I’m fairly certain it was these guys fault –>

Soccer Cake Balls
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 40
  • 2 (16 oz.) packages Vanilla CANDIQUIK
  • 1 box carrot cake mix (or your choice of flavor, plus ingredients required for cake)
  • ½ cup cream cheese frosting
  • Black Americolor Gourmet Writer
  1. Prepare cake mix as directed on box.
  2. Crumble cake into a large bowl and mix thoroughly with ½ cup cream cheese frosting (it may be easier to use hands to mix together).
  3. Chill mixture for approximately 2 hours in the refrigerator (you can speed this up by placing in the freezer).
  4. On a wax lined baking sheet, roll mixture into 1 inch balls.
  5. Melt 1 package of Vanilla CANDIQUIK at a time, according to the directions on the package.
  6. Dip each cake ball into the CANDIQUIK and coat completely. Allow excess coating to drip off and place on a wax-lined baking sheet. (I usally keep about ten cake balls out at a time to dip and store the remaining ones in the fridge until ready to use.)
  7. Once completely dry, use the edible marker to draw on the soccer ball design.
To get perfectly sized cake balls, I use a stainless steel coffee scoop. A cookie dough ball scoop would also work.


  • Something else I learned, I don’t really know what a soccer ball looks like! I totally thought I had it until I made my first cake ball and it was pretty sad looking
Print this picture out for a guide if it’ll help you!

Soccer Cake Balls

AmeriColor has other food markers, but make sure you buy the one that is labeled Gourmet Writer. As I’m fairly certain Gourmet means “writes on just about everything”.

I’ve experimented with other edible wrting pens (I think they were the Wilton brand) and I’m not sure what they write on – but they sure didn’t write on cake balls.

Here are the deets: I purchased a 2 pack of these (online) for about eight bucks (shipping included). You can get them here. Or if you have a cool cake decorating store near you, try that.

The more I think about it, maybe you should eat these before you go running. Instant sugar boost – maybe it’ll work for you!? Maybe running just isn’t my thing? Either way, happy baking.

If you’ve never made cake balls or pops, I suggest you take a peek at my Cake Pop Tutorial.

Make peace with cake pops.

Common Cake Pop Issues and Problems | The Best Cake Pop Tutorial | @candiquik


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