8+ Ways to SPEED UP Cake Pops!

8 Ways to SPEED UP the cake pop process! blog.candiquik.com

Let’s face it – cake pops can be kinda sorta , umm, how do I want to say this – time consuming! However, I’ve learned a few ways to cut the corners yet still have perfect cake pops or balls. Because you never know when you’re going to need to make some late minute cake pops (or you [Read more >>]

Key Lime Cake Pops


These Key Lime Cake Pops go down in my book as my favorite cake pop flavor ever. Plenty of lime flavor packed into these pops! Key kime cake, key lime Frosting AND lime spiked CandiQuik Coating. Seriously. Cannot stop eating these. My kitchen smells like a tropical lime wonderland. My hands (thanks to spilling this [Read more >>]

Baby Cake Pops

Baby Cake Pops | Miss CandiQuik

Every once in a while there is a treat that never quite makes it on the blog. I know, weird, huh!? Usually because I don’t really care for them, they were a complete flop, or I make them way ahead of time and never get around to sharing. I’m not quite sure why these never [Read more >>]

Sesame Street Cake Pops


I would like to start things off with a little humor… Funny Cake Ball Incident HERE Can you guess what my favorite line in her story was!? Moving onward to more important things, like Sesame Street and cake pops. Bakerella originally created a really cute set of these characters for the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street… I took [Read more >>]

Common Cake Pop Issues & Tutorial

Common Cake Pop Issues and Problems | The Best Cake Pop Tutorial | @candiquik

Have you made cake pops and they were a complete disaster? Yeah, me too. Seriously. We’ve all burned the heck out of our chocolate, lost a cake ball off the stick, had our beautiful cake pops crack 5 minutes later, or had them leak weird stuff everywhere! It’s sooo frustrating! Don’t worry though, it gets better! But let me save [Read more >>]

Vanilla Peppermint Pops


I really hope you have all of your holiday shopping done. Because I just went to Target. It felt like my Black Friday (that I somehow was convinced to participate in) nightmare all over again. Never again. Maybe it’s that I get overwhelmed with swarms of people,  feel claustrophobic when waiting in line and can’t [Read more >>]