Throwback Thursday: Beach Party and Rocky Road Popcorn!

Beach Party Treats by CandiQuik

[pinit] You get a bonus point if you remember these treats from a while back. I’m sure it was back when no one even knew about Pinterest… Check out the original post on this beach party featuring: Crab Cookies, Giant Lobster Rice Krispy Treat, Sandal Cookies, and graham cracker beach towels! And the featured blogger!? The Errand [Read more >>]

Throwback Thursday: Turtle Cheesecake & Kit Kat Bars!

Turtle cheesecake polaroid

Happy Thursday, happy day after the 4th of July… Let’s talk cheesecake. Some cheesecakes can seem a little intimidating and not to mention, time consuming. This one that I am about to show you does not fall into either category. Have you made any of the cheesecakes I’ve shared? They are kind of a mix between a [Read more >>]

Throwback Thursday – Almond Joys and Cake Batter Truffles!

throwback thursday

It’s that time again… This is one of my favorite recipes. Probably because it involves coconut. Definitely because it involves coconut. P.s. If you’re into Photoshop, I found on this really neat site with tons of free photoshop actions, which I found on Pinterest (wherelse!?). The photo above is using one of the Polaroid actions. Anyways, moving onto coconut bars topped [Read more >>]

Throwback Thursday – Homemade Butterfingers and Key Lime Pie Cups!

key lime pie cups by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

1. Throwback [throh-bak] A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a song from high school, seeing an ex, etc. Similar to a flashback. Mid-Century swimsuits. Retro bra tops. Zigzag and chevron everything. Cropped tops. Plastic/Vinyl shoes (remember jellies!?), throwback sports jerseys…even sodas now(!)…the list goes on. Some things shouldn’t come back. But [Read more >>]