Throwback Thursday – Homemade Butterfingers and Key Lime Pie Cups!

1. Throwback [throh-bak]
A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a
song from high school, seeing an ex, etc. Similar to a flashback.

Mid-Century swimsuits. Retro bra tops. Zigzag and chevron everything. Cropped tops. Plastic/Vinyl shoes (remember jellies!?), throwback sports jerseys…even sodas now(!)…the list goes on. Some things shouldn’t come back. But they do. Whatever I’m about to show you, deserves to be seen, again.

Every Thursday I will have a post named “Throwback Thursday”. Had you figured this much?

Here I will share a slightly older recipe from this blog AND a recipe (using CandiQuik) from a blog of my choice.

Feel free to throw any suggestions my way if you wish to be the featured blogger.

I thought this would be a fun way to bring back some great recipes that you may have missed (unless you are my mom, she’s seen them all). Not to mention, show some of the fabulous ideas that others have come up with!

Any of you remember these?

No excuse not to make these, you may even have all the ingredients in your cupboard… Homemade Butterfinger Candy Bars


The featured blogger today is Kristan over at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. Check out these amazing Chocolate Key Lime Pie Cups!

I think I need these right now…they sound awesome for summer (or really any day) and easy to make. Plus, Kristan is hilarious. Check it out.

I hope you enjoy these recipes!


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