Teepee Cake Bites

Teepee Cake Bites | @candiquik

Tipi, tepee, or teepee?

According to Wiki, they’re all correct. I prefer the latter.

Anyway, a while back I received a package from My Little Cupcake.

You may remember when I showed off one of the four molds with these Cupcake Cake Pops!?

The verdict? Love.

Just think of all the possibilities with this cone mold!
Cake Pop Mold

Not to mention all their other varieties…plus, rumor has it they have a snowman mold!! I want!

Cake Pop Mold

image source: My Little Cupcake

You can find more information on where to purchase the molds through the My Little Cupcake website here!

The nice thing about these…well, a couple things.

One – the cake ball mixture doesn’t stick. (Assuming you’re using cake, you could also use crushed oreos + cream cheese! Or fudge!? You get the point.)

Two – uniform cake balls – same size/shape, every time!

Trust me…this is a huge help.


Teepee Cake Bites

You will need:

To decorate:

  • assorted sprinkles (triangles, leaves, etc.)
  • Americolor Gourmet Writers  (can be purchased on Amazon.com)
  • Long grain rice (I used wild rice)

Tips for using the molds:

Grab a healthy handful of cake ball mixture and roughly form it into a nice big blob. This creates a smooth surface when being used with the mold.

You want to stuff the mold plumb full so that you get a nice evenly shaped cake bite.

Teepee cake bites - in process

Then squeeeeeze shut. You want to squeeze hard and completely shut so that all of the excess cake mixture is forced out of the mold. This ensures you aren’t left with a “rim” of excess cake around the cake pop.

Teepee cake bites - in process

To decorate the teepees I used wild rice, triangle-shaped sprinkles, fall-colored leaves, and star shaped sprinkles. I added more detail with the edible markers. The only brand that I have found to write on candy coating has been Americolor’s Gourmet writers. I purchased mine on Amazon.com.

Teepee cake bites - in process

I pinched a tiny amount of cake off the top, forming a slightly flat top, making it easier to press the wild rice on later.

After you’ve melted the Vanilla Candiquik, stir in a tablespoon or so of creamy peanut butter. This gives it that light tan color.

Teepee cake bites - in process

To dip the teepees…I poured my CandiQuik in a deep cup. A classy red solo cup works, too.

Insert a toothpick (about halfway) into the top of the teepee. Quickly immerge in the CandiQuik and pull straight out, letting the excess coating drip off; place on wax or parchment paper to set.

Teepee cake bites - in process

Press rice onto the top of the cake bites.

Immediately decorate with assorted sprinkles. If the coating dries before you get all your sprinkles on (this totally happened to me), simply use a toothpick and a dab of CandiQuik to attach any remaining sprinkles.

Once the coating has completely set, use the edible markers to add more designs.

Have fun with these!

Teepee Cake Bites - http://blog.candiquik.com

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