Easy Father’s Day Treats!

Don’t forget about Father’s Day on Sunday! Dads, grandfathers, and father figures all deserve to know how much we appreciate them and everything they have taught us. My dad has educated me well on the finer things in life such as fishing, old cars, Pete Townshend, and cheese (he’s from Wisconsin). Thanks, Dad!

Since we can have more than one father figure in our lives, I thought we might need more than one treat recipe for this day as well. Thankfully, they’re all easy to make so you can spend your time doing other fun things on Sunday!

Chocolate Bacon Truffles

Chocolate Truffles topped with BACON! @candiquik

Chocolate Stout {Guinness} Cake Truffles

Chocolate Stout {Guiness} Cake Truffles | http://blog.candiquik.com/?p=5877

Cookie Footballs


Slam Dunk Cookies 

Slam Dunk Cookies

Pretzel Cigars

Chocolate Pretzel Cigars

Barbell Cookies

Chocolate Barbell Cookies


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