Lil’ Chick Cake Bites

Allow me to overwhelm you with cuteness right now.

Spring Chick Cake Bites - @candiquik

Thanks to Bakerella whom I believe was the original creator of these delicious little creatures.


I think these lil’ chicks are too cute for words.

They’ll definitely give these lil’ bunnies a run for their money.

Just don’t be like my dad.

Here is how our conversation went.

Me: “DAD! Look at these cake balls I made!!! Aren’t they sooo cute!!??”

Dad: *Pffttt! Laughing out loud*….”Yea…they look like flying saucers or something”

Me: “Da-a-add!….really…!? “

*I glance at the photo of the yellow balls that appear to be hovering, with almonds protruding from their sides *

Me: “Yeah, you’re kinda right”

I still laugh everytime I think of that.

But I’m not ashamed – I know you will get it, and totally agree with me.

Plain cute.

‘Lil Chick Cake Bites

Cake bites adapted from Bakerella

Yield: approximately 40 cake balls


  • 1 package (16 oz.) Vanilla Candiquik Coating
  • 1 box yellow cake mix (plus ingredients)
  • 1/2 cup vanilla or cream cheese cake frosting
  • Oil or powder-based yellow food coloring
  • 1 box Nerds candies
  • 1 package sliced almonds
  • Flower-shaped sprinkles
  • Cake writing icing


1. Prepare and bake cake mix as directed on box.

2. Crumble cake into a large bowl. Mix thoroughly with frosting (it may be easier to use fingers to mix together).

3. Chill for approximately 2 hours in the refrigerator (you can speed this up by placing in the freezer).

4. Roll mixture into 1″ sized balls and place on wax lined cookie sheet.

3. Melt CANDIQUIK according to the directions on package. Add yellow food coloring (MUST be oil or powder based, I prefer oil) until a light yellow, pastel color is established.

4. Coat cake balls in CANDIQUIK and set on wax paper.


(These are the sprinkles I used! Tip: sort out the orange ones before dipping!!!)

5. Before CANDIQUIK is set, attach an orange Nerd candy as the “beak” and two of the orange, flower-shaped sprinkles as the “feet”.


6. Insert two almond slices into the sides of the cake balls to form the “wings.”

7. Draw two dots for eyes with writing icing.

Spring Chick Cake Bites - @candiquik

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