Coffee Creamer Cake Pops

Cupcake Cake Pops - made w/ coffee creamer instead of frosting! @candiquik

Have I told you how much I love coffee?

I keep a pitcher supply of this coffee in my fridge at all times during the summer months.

I’m also usually one to experiment by buying those fancy creamers at the grocery store.

Caramel Macchiato!
White Chocolate Mocha!
Irish Creme!
Almond Joy!
Italian Sweet Cream!
York Peppermint Patty!
Gingerbread Latte!
Belgian Chocolate Toffee!

Not so “!!!” once I get them home. I’m a plain ol’ half & half kinda girl. Nothing beats it.

Ok, heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk come close, but I almost always regret buying the ‘fancy’ flavored creamers.

Well I have a solution….mix that fancy coffee creamer with CAKE, duh. Then make cake pops.

You know what this means!? Like a 1,000 more combinations for cake pop flavors! Not to mention, a ‘lighter’ and slightly less sweet cake pop.

I used caramel macchiato flavor with yellow cake. The caramel here was hardly recognizable, but the cake pops were a hit.

The mold I used was from My Little Cupcake. They’re great because they give you perfectly consistent shapes and sizes of pops, every time and they come out of the mold really easy, too.


Coffee Creamer Cake Pops
  • 1 box cake mix (+ ingredients required for cake)
  • 1 package Vanilla CANDIQUIK
  • 1 package Chocolate CANDIQUIK
  • ¼ cup coffee creamer (your choice of flavor)
  • Blue oil-based food coloring
  • 1 My Little Cupcake Mold
  1. Bake cake as directed on box.
  2. Crumble cooled cake into a large bowl and add ¼ cup coffee creamer to cake and mix thoroughly with your hands. Chill mixture in fridge for 30 minutes.
  3. Grab a healthy handful of cake mixture and roughly form it into a nice big blob. This creates a smooth surface when being used with the mold.
  4. Squeeze the mold completely shut so that all of the excess cake mixture is forced out of the mold.
  5. Melt chocolate CandiQuik according to package directions.
  6. Carefully dip the bottom of the cupcake into the melted chocolate CandiQuik, let the excess drip off – then insert the lollipop stick. Place in a Styrofoam block or cake pop stand to dry.
  7. Melt vanilla CandiQuik according to package directions. Add blue oil-based food coloring until desired color is reached.
  8. Dip top of cupcakes in vanilla CandiQuik and decorate with sprinkles. Return to Styrofoam block or cake pop stand to dry.


Cupcake Cake Pops - made w/ coffee creamer instead of frosting! @candiquik

Happy Baking!

Please let me know what you think of the coffee creamer substitute in the cake pop recipe!!

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